Sunday, November 7, 2010

Latest patient news

Lot’s of catching up to do here!

Miss B has been a patient of mine for over a year. We started with a lot of back pain, trembling. I checked a video of last November compared to the pictures I did last year, and we have quite a new dog! Miss B is a 10 yrs old Shiba Inu, and with the help of medications, acupuncture, physical rehabilitation, she looks (back and pelvis much straighter!) and feels so much better. She is even starting to loose weight without loosing her energy. We are now weaning her from her acupuncture sessions, and increasing the therapeutic exercises to get her a strong core and help her proprioception. This has been a joint effort with neurology evaluation, follow ups by her primary care veterinarian and me. This does emphasize the team work involved to help those patients. Compare her posture today compare with her video of 2009: 

Miss B Novemeber 2010
Cina is a 10 yr old kitty with osteoarthritis of her elbows and left wrist. Kitties can be very challenging to treat, however with patience and discovering what makes them interested in any activities, we can get a therapeutic and treatment plan on their way. Easy at all time? No, however always worth trying. My poster child Rudee needed brushing by the owner and treats. That was enough to get me to work on him by myself without restraining. Cina‘s environment has been modified to accommodate her problems. When a dog or kitty has front leg/neck issues, they should not be jumping down and running down the stairs, ramps is a good way to get out of the car, get down the sofa, etc. Lot’s of website now have stairs and ramps for easy access to cars, sofa, bed, etc, 
Cina after some therapeutic exercises and laser therapy
It must be the month of the Labrador Retriever; I have 4 that I am treating right now for different reasons (Spencer, Molly, Elsa and Duke). Most have elbow arthritis, and hip dysplasia with secondary hip arthritis. Luke, a 2 1/3 yr Golden Retriever just got out of surgery and had some fragmented coronoid removed (in the elbow). Arthritis will still progress but we are positive that taking out those fragments will slow the progression. We’re on the ball with all the supplements and weight control for Luke. We’re now starting rehabilitation.

Benjamin is getting acupuncture and some manual therapy every 2 to 4 weeks for his sore back. He has a lot of fusing vertebraes in his back so flexibility is decreased. It is so fun to see a difference at the end of the session, from a hunched little guy, his back is straighter at the end the session and he likes to play more at home.

Elisha is a continual work in progress. Of 3 different problems, surgery took care of 2. He still has problem getting up, but he is regaining strength in his hind legs. I am doing some physical rehabilitation with him (laser therapy, physioball, acupuncture) and he is going for underwater treadmill sessions too.

Chille has been very sick with some intestinal problems, so we now can resume our therapy for back and knee pain. Her 4 other brother and sisters are jealous of the attention and they all barked at the door after my treatment session. Yes, that day there was 5 Australian Shepherds present (without counting the cats); lot’s of action at all time in this house, and never a boring moment too.

Supporting family members

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